Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Here we are, Thursday again. They come around so quickly don’t they?

So this week has seen the Commonwealth Games in action. It was been good, and once again the Aussies dominated (I think they have at least DOUBLED the amount of gold as the second place nation).

Bad news in sport has seen the Aussie cricket team lose 3 tests in a row. I can’t ever remember that happening. How disappointing. Bring back McGrath!

Oh and those miners in Chile are finally being freed. I think they’ve brought up 24 of the 33 now. Pretty amazing story really. But it’s going to turn into a media craze which just makes it seem so fake. Even though it’s not. You know what I mean.

So let’s move onto the joke for this week. This one is typed from my head so be gentle…

Two men get shipwrecked and are stranded on a remote island. They make the most of it, and try to pass their time by talking and sharing stories.

Eventually it comes to that time when the men are sick of each other. They have nothing left to say, and are bored.

So one man says, “Maybe, for today, we can go our separate ways and explore the island. I’ll go East, and you can go West. Then, when we get back, we can share what we saw!”.

“Sounds like a great idea!” says the other bloke.

So in the morning, they head off in their directions for the day.

It comes to the evening and the men meet once again at their camping spot.
“How was your day?” the first guy says.

“It was amazing!” the other responds. “I travelled East, and at first there were vines and grass and thick scrub everywhere, but once I got through, I found an amazing waterfall and a beautiful lake, with sun shining down onto crystal clear water. There were flowers and animals all around the place. I spent the whole day swimming in the lake, and playing with the animals. It was just awesome.”

“Wow!” says the other guy, “Sounds like you had an amazing time!”

“So what happened in your day?” says the fella.

“Well,” he replies, “I travelled West for a couple of hours, until I found an old train track! As I walked closer, I found a woman tied to the tracks. So I ran over and untied her. She had an amazing body. I spent the whole day making love to her. We did it in every position imaginable, and we didn’t stop until I had no energy left to continue.”

“WOW!” says the guy who travelled East “Sounds like your day was a hell of a lot better than mine! Did you get a blowjob?” he asks.

“Nah”, the guy replies, “I couldn’t find her head."

Ahahahahahahah. It’s pretty long but I like it. Anywho, enough of that onto the funnies.

Enjoy the pics, and enjoy your weekend :)

PS There are some moving pictures again this week. I’ve had some feedback from people where the gifs are glitchy? I haven’t been able to duplicate the problem, other than those people not browsing in Internet Explorer. So try that if you’re using another browser.

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Metro nice pics man, this was a good thurs funniess
love little ben