Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday 3 June 2010

So as many of you know, I had some issues last Thursday with my Thursday Funnies. As my thread grows each week, it appears the size of the email gets too big to send. Alas, I inadvertantly spammed your inboxes with 5 emails of Thursday Funnies, as well as some earlier attempts which may have gotten through.

I pondered my new found dilemma, and resigned myself to taking the time to split the Thursday Funnies into as many emails as it required (not the most ideal situation, however I could not see a way around it).

Fast-forward to Friday afternoon, and I happened to chat to Miss Pearlface, who suggested the idea of a Thursday Funnies Blog! Ingenius I must say.

So here you have it, the Thursday Funnies blog. I will update it every Thursday, however you can view it any time by going to the url. I will send you all the url in an email every Thursday once it has been updated to remind you.

So a big thanks to Pearl, and Enjoy!

Click on the images to enlarge...Enjoy the progression of the Thursday Funnies!