Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter break coming up! Oh yeah.


A lady goes to the Doctor for a checkup. The doc notices that she looks horrible and stressed. 

"What's wrong?" the doc asks.

"Well," she replies, "my husband has a bad temper and he likes to yell at me." 

He looks concerned and says, 

"Next time, when he starts to yell, get a bottle of water and swish some in your mouth until he leaves." 

So she goes home, and to her demise he starts yelling again. Following doctors orders, she gets her bottle of water and starts swishing. Sure enough, he stops yelling, and leaves the room. 

She returns to the doctor to follow up her checkup a couple of weeks later, this time looking happy and refreshed. 

"Doctor!" she says "It worked! You must tell me, how did the water help?" 

The doctor looks at her and says, 

"It's not the water that helped... 

it's you keeping your mouth shut."

Pics. Enjoy (another heavy atheist post...ah well).