Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thursday, 23 September 2010

So last week was a bit busy, hence the short intro. Still busy this week, but I’ll put in the effort this time :P

First thing to note...this week there is a mixture of the usual funny pics, but also a few pics in there that may spark some thought (aka some serious ones). All in all, I think they are all interesting and I hope you do too.

Ok, so my rant this week is about parents. I think it is amazing that you have to be 18 to drink, but can have kids at any age. You have to have a licence to drive (and go through hours and hours of practice), but don’t need a licence to be a parent. Don’t get me wrong, there are some AMAZING parents out there (shout out to my Mum), but there are some absolute shockers aswell.

“What brought this on?” you may ask? Well...I play basketball every Wednesday. And every single Wednesday, I see a father with a little girl (maybe 2 or 3?) at the stadium. This is fine. IF HE WOULD FUCKING WATCH HER. Seriously, she runs all over the stadium and he barely bats an eyelid. It’s not unusual for him to have his back turned to her, or walk across the other side of the stadium, and leave her on her own. I have almost taken her out accidentally about 5 times. And I can’t even count the amount of times she’s walked onto the Court during a game. It’s just luck she hasn’t been hurt yet. And he does this EVERY WEEK. I want to go over and punch him. You have a responsibility dickwad, now step up to it.

Okay, moving on. Time for a joke. This was sent to me in an email, and I lost my shit.

Why I'm Divorced

Last week was my birthday and I didn't feel very well waking up on that morning.

I went downstairs for breakfast hoping my wife would be pleasant and say,
"Happy Birthday!", and possibly have a small present for me.

As it turned out, she barely said good morning, let alone 'Happy Birthday'.

I thought, "Well, that's marriage for you, but the kids, they will remember."

My kids came bounding down stairs to breakfast and didn't say a word.

So when I left for the office, I felt pretty low and somewhat despondent.

As I walked into my office, my secretary Jane said, "Good Morning Boss,
and by the way, Happy Birthday!" It felt a little better that at least someone had remembered.

I worked until one o'clock, when Jane knocked on my door and said,

"You know, it's such a beautiful day outside, and it is your Birthday, what do you say we go out to lunch, just you and me?"

I said, "Thanks Jane, that's the greatest thing I've heard all day. Let's go!"

We went to lunch. But we didn't go where we normally would go. She chose instead at a quiet bistro with a private table. We had two martinis each and I enjoyed the meal tremendously.

On the way back to the office, Jane said,

"You know, it's such a beautiful day, we don't need to go straight back to the office, do we?"

I responded, "I guess not. What do you have in mind?"

She said,

"Let's drop by my apartment, it's just around the corner."

After arriving at her apartment, Jane turned to me and said,

"Boss, if you don't mind, I'm going to step into the bedroom for just a moment. I'll be right back."

"Ok." I nervously replied.

She went into the bedroom, and after a couple of minutes she came out carrying a huge birthday cake...followed by my wife, my kids, and dozens of my friends and coworkers, all singing 'Happy Birthday'.

And I just sat there...

On the couch...


Enjoy the pics, and enjoy your weekend :)


Home Alone Stoned said...

liked the joke. wasnt expecting that at all

Mydailydreams said...

Holy jesus on the boss story i lol'd