Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Yay for Thursday! Not much to talk about this week, so I'll get right into it.


A guy tells his psychiatrist,

"It was terrible. I was away on business, and I emailed my wife that I’d be back a day early. I rushed home from the airport and found her in bed with my best friend. I don’t get it. How could she do this to me!?"

"Well," says the psychiatrist "maybe she didn’t see the email?"

Onto the funnies.

Enjoy the pics and enjoy your weekend :)


mac-and-me said...


obi said...

this post is 50% funny ;)

Anonymouse said...

some of those were really good.

Glovey said...

Love these! thanks for sharing!

Jay.CA said...

fantastic blog! following. :)

Meghan Moran said...

awesome collection, can't wait till next thursday.

Brut said...

Love the Vador Volder comparison.