Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Won't mess around, joke then funnies.

Enjoy the pics and your weekend.

One afternoon, a bear was chasing a rabbit through the woods. As the rabbit dove through a bush in an attempt to escape, he collided with an old dusty genie lamp. This tripped him up, which in turn tripped up the bear, and the both of them tumbled down a small hill along with the lamp, which promptly opened, revealing a genie.

The genie turned and saw the two animals, and said,

"Clearly, I owe my freedom to you both. Normally, I would grant three wishes and no more, but since you have both helped me, you shall both receive three wishes!"

The bear shoved the rabbit aside and said,

"I wish all the other bears in this forest were female!"

The genie replied, "Done," and turned to the rabbit.

The rabbit was deep in thought, and finally said,

"I wish for a motorcycle helmet my size."

The bear rolled his eyes, thinking, "What a waste of a perfectly good wish!" But the genie simply said, "Done," and a small motorcycle helmet appeared in the rabbit's paws, and he put it on.

When the genie asked the bear for his second wish, the bear hit himself in the head.

"I'm so stupid! Okay, okay-- I wish all the other bears in the whole COUNTRY were female!! Yeah!" The genie smiled, and said, "Done!"

The rabbit then said,

"I wish for a motorcycle sized for me, with a full tank!" And poof! the motorcycle appeared.

Again, the bear scoffed at the rabbit's obvious short-sightedness.

Finally, the bear gave his third wish. His eyes went wide and he asked, "Wait. Can you make it so all the other bears in the WORLD were female?"

The genie said, "Certainly." So the bear wished that and it was granted.

The rabbit, meanwhile, had mounted his new toy and was revving the engine. He turned to the genie, pointed at the bear and said,

"I wish he was gay," and sped off!

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