Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Unfortunately the Mr Truth collection has not grown enough to reach my quota of 50 pics. But it is well on its way, so do not despair, a Mr Truth special will be coming to Thursday Funnies soon!

In the meantime, the original Thursday Funnies will continue.

Now this week saw the creation of a piece of art, nay a masterpiece, in the Shavootie Crew. For those who are not familiar, many characters have been created by our email circle over the years, and Mr Weckl and I have decided to bring them together to experience many wondrous adventures together. Those characters are none other than Arty Choke Fogwobbler III (“Foggwobbles!” a favourite of many), The Norminator (“Shuffle-ator bitches!” this man drops his move and girls get pregnant), William Wallace (“No the noo!” what I consider the ORIGINAL character) and Mr Truth himself (“Dayam!”).

Check out my Facebook pics for the first installment. Once the collection grows, they may have their own Thursday Funnies special, or possibly even their own blog, who knows what the future holds!

Anyway, enough shameless promotion, on to the funnies.

Have a good weekend, and enjoy the pics :)


wu_tim08 said...

Jamie!!! There are two pics that i can't see again! Stupid long pics. Not happy. Lift your game.... The End! From Tim.

wu_tim08 said...

P.S. I totally commented. Hah! Take that!

JFoster said...

Thanks man, good to see you appreciate all the effort put into this! Ya bastard. And there is 51 this week, so that makes up for it. Sort of.

Cheers for commenting though.