Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Seriously, you guys need to appreciate how god damn long it took to do this week's post. Stupid Blogger was being crap and not uploading pictures, especially when uploaded in groups. Which meant uploading them all one by one, and having to re-do a crapload of them aswell. So yeah, appreciate it dammit!

You know how this works.


Two turtles decide to go camping out in the woods. So they pack their tent and an esky, with beer and sandwiches. They drive out into the wilderness, pitch their tent, start a fire, then decide to whip out a beer.

"Ahh shit," says the first turtle, "We forgot the damn bottle opener."

"No problems," says turtle two, "Just go home and grab it. I'll keep an eye on the camp site while you're gone."

Turtle one looks at him and says,

"No way! As soon as I leave, you're going to eat those f**king sandwiches. I am NOT leaving you alone with those sandwiches."

"Nonsense!" says turtle two, "We came here to camp together! As if I'm going to eat the sandwiches while you're gone. Go get the damn bottle opener for christ's sake."

So turtle one gets into the car and leaves.

Two hours pass and turtle one hasn't returned yet. Turtle two keeps looking at the esky, reminding himself that he has to wait for his friend, who can't be too far away.

Six hours have passed and turtle one still isn't back. Turtle two is starting to get pretty hungry. Turtle one surely can't be that far away, he must have got a flat or something, which he's taking his time with. So he turns his back to the esky to try and avert his hunger.

A day has passed. "This is ridiculous. I'm going to have to eat the sandwiches so that I have enough energy to walk home. Where the hell is turtle one?" says turtle two.

He opens the esky, pulls out the sandwiches, rips the cling wrap off and stares at the sandwich, brings it to his mouth, thinking about just how tasty it will be and how his hunger is finally going to go away, when turtle one jumps out from behind the tent and yells at him,



Enjoy the pics and enjoy your weekend :)


Jay said...

Here's all your appreciation my friend:




Seriously, thanks for the laughs. :D

JFoster said...

Haha cheers, appreciate the comments every week!