Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Back again, 2 weeks in a row now. Let's see if I can keep this going...


An unemployed man is looking for a job. He is searching through the paper in the job classifieds and reads and ad saying that the zoo is hiring.

The next day he goes to the zoo and interviews for the job. They tell him he is a perfect fit and that they would like to offer him the job, but they cant tell him what it is. If he takes the job he can never tell anyone what he does or even that he works at the zoo.

The man is desperate for a job so he agrees to take the job even though he doesn't know what it is.

He rocks up to work on his first day, and is finally told that, a week prior, their prized gorilla died and they could not afford to buy a new one. His job is going to be to dress up as a gorilla and entertain zoo guests.

Over the next few weeks he puts on his costume and begrudgingly acts like a gorilla. His boss comes to him one day and tells him that he isn't trying enough. He tells him he needs to get into it, and play to the crowd.

The next day he is really hamming it up, banging on his chest, charging the glass, and just having fun. the crowd is really getting into it and he is feeding off of their excitement.

Eventually he sees a rope in his enclosure and takes it up to the highest rock. He grabs it and swings all the way across his enclosure, but looses his grip and ends up flying over the wall, landing in the lion's enclosure.

He is a little dazed from the fall and when he comes to he sees a huge male lion with its head down walking toward him. The lion is visibly angry. Then before he knows it the lion pounces on him and starts attacking him.


Right then the lion slaps him in the face and says 

"Shut the fuck up man or you will get us both fired!"

Onto the pics.


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