Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday, 4 April 2013

First post of April...let's do this.


A woman wakes up in a hospital bed to find that she's been in a coma after a car accident involving her and her children. She sees a doctor next to her and quickly asks him, 

“Where is my son? Is he okay? He was really good at soccer, and had a long career ahead of him." 

The doctor replies, “I’m so sorry, in the accident he lost his leg. He won’t be able to kick a soccer ball any more.” 

The woman asks about her daughter. “Doctor, what about my daughter? She was really good at tennis and she could have been the best in the world.” 

The doctor replies, “I'm sorry, but in the accident she lost her arm. She won’t be able to pick up a racket any more.” 

She begins to cry. “Doctor,” asks the woman, “how long have I been in this coma?” 

The doctor replies, “Six months.” 

“So what’s the date?” asks the woman. 

“April 1st,” says the doctor. The woman begins to laugh “So you were joking then, weren't you?” 

The doctor starts laughing, "Haha yes, you got me. They both died.”

Pics. Enjoy.

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